Good design is good business

Fredrika Ling

What I have been up to

During my career in the tech industry, the intersection between human and digital has always been my main focus. Here are some examples of projects close to my heart.

d|lab - a Design & Innovation unit

Between 2018-2023 I ran a design and innovation unit called d|lab that I built from the ground up. During that time we created forward-thinking, award-winning solutions for different organizations in the public and private sector (and also helped them avoid digitalization for the sake of digitalization).

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Future Classroom

Can new technology reduce teachers’ administrative tasks?  How could their administrative tasks be minimised or completely eliminated by means of increased digitalisation, without changes in overall operations?

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Design system

One design system to guide them all. Is that even possible? Tietoevry launched a new brand in 2022, and we were tasked with creating a company-wide design system.

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Can social robotics technology help us deal with the increasing need of welfare services and mitigate feelings of isolation and loneliness among home care receivers?

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UCD training

True passion for creating amazing products means a lot of hard work researching and understanding user and customer needs. A course for those who want to build exceptional products and services!

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A project about inclusion. How can we find a digital solution that not only makes checking in at work more efficient, but also makes users glow with pride when being able to do something that most of us take for granted.

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Design maturity

Why does it matter to understand the design maturity of your own organisation? Simply put because good design means good business.

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In the public eye

Sharing knowledge is always rewarding. Apart from internal conferences, here are some examples of talks I have given over the past couple of years.

Women In Tech

At Women In Tech Stockholm 2023 edition I gave a talk about Tech Ethics and why we all should care.

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CSR Sweden podcast

Together with Sebastian Krakowski (Handelshögskolan), Therese Svensson (IBM) and host Parul Sharma, I had a talk about AI and ethics in CSR Sweden's podcast series "Vems agenda" episode 20.

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Hybrid Future Conference

As part of House of Innovation's Hybrid Future Conference 2021 I participated in a panel discssion about AI and digital life, work and society.

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