Design & Innovation

Why do some organizations manage to successfully adapt to new challenges and employ new tech to create value and innovation? To answer this question, Tietoevry started a unit called d|lab, tasked with helping the product teams get innovative, user-centered ideas to the market faster, with great ux and business value.

To accomplish this we combine talented designers, business developers and software developers with a well-structured process based on design thinking, lean start-up and innovation modelling. Below you find some of the projects run by d|lab, the unit I built from the ground up and ran between 2018-2023.

Future Classroom

Can digital tools reduce the time spent on administrative tasks in the classroom? This was the question we tried to answer in a unique pilot project with Anderstorpsgymnasiet in Skellefteå 2019, where we tested automatic student registration using tags, phone apps and facial recognition.

This project was the winner of the 2019 IT Service Management Initiative and also tested the limits of how machine learning technologies can be used in a classroom context.


The world's population is growing older. This means a series of challenges that society must prepare for.

With these societal challenges as a starting point, in 2019 we started an innovation project together with two Swedish municipalities to specifically investigate the possibilities for digital solutions in the home, for users of home care. For this purpose we created a digital assistant protoype named Florence, to support the elderly in their communication with home care services.


With this project we automated a time-consuming manual task for the municipality, while at the same time increasing independence and participation for the users, individuals with various cognitive and/or physical disabilities.  

The innovation project landed in a prototype that we call TIDA, an IoT solution that automates the time registration process and ensures high user engagement.

TIDA was a finalist of the 2021 CIO-awards in Sweden and the winner of Guldmolnet Awards in 2022.

Design system

Tietoevry launched the new brand of the new company (following a merger between Tieto and Evry) in January 2022.

As part of the ongoing work to create a coherent look and feel for the brand, our team conducted a discovery focused on product design. Based on data from company-wide surveys and interviews, we built a proof-of-concept version of the design system focusing on design guidelines and visual styling, launched in January 2023

UCD training

Being a design-driven organisation means investing in trainings that help people become customer- and user-centric in all their processes. To this end we devised a course focusing on the early research stage of the design process. The course is semi-self-paced, each week has a new topic supported by online self-study material, followed by a joint session at the end of each week.

Besides getting a basic understanding of what user-centered design is the particpant also learns tools like scenarios, personas, journey mapping and how to run interviews.

Design maturity

Assessing the design maturity of Tietoevry's business units is key to helping them create the best possible user experiences. We created a framework to assess design maturity, to pinpoint the most effective actions and become more design-mature and more successful organisations.

This framework is divided into two phases:

1st phase: “The assessment” – Survey and analysis, followed by a workshop where we evaluate the result.

2nd phase: “The program” – Workshops and launch of a tailor-made program to raise design competency.