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Hi there!

My name is Fredrika Ling and I have worked for
20 years investigating the intersection between the digital and the human. I have been active in domains as diverse as Banking and Elderly Care, and I am passionate about human-centered innovation and building a sustainable, inclusive digital society.

Both in my current and previous roles, I regularly collaborate with teams and stakeholders in different parts of the organization to contribute with insights and support in the work of creating a strategic customer and user focus, which is also integrated into our business processes. In other words, it's a role where I have to be able to communicate effectively with everyone from leaders to developers and end users, and I count that ability as one of my key competencies.

As a manager, I know the importance of good recruitment, but also how important it is to provide opportunities for development within the organization, both at team and individual level. Coaching my team members, watching them grow and develop new abilities is a rewarding process that ultimately benefits both employers and employees.